About Us


Kennebooks....more than a bookstore
Established: May 2009
Retail Space: 3.500 square feet
Number of Books: 11,000 with more arriving all the time
Number of Employees: 11

Kennebooks unique location in an beautifully restored antique farm house and barn, has a feeling of a home. There is a couch in the children's room to snuggle into, a wood-stove to sit by, lots of little spaces to read quietly, and a big front porch to read on. There is a gathering room upstairs for groups of all sizes. We host many events at Kennebooks including frequent Author Signings, a weekly Children's Story Hour, seasonal events, Children's Entertainment events, in-store clinics and workshops.  We also participate in community events such as the Christmas Prelude, and much, much more. Our website (www.kennebooks.com) allows our customers to view our extensive Calendar of Events, browse staff picks and photos of the store, and mush more.

Meet the Owners

Trish and Gary Koch came to Kennebunkport for a summer vacation in 2002 from Minnesota and never left. Instead they went back, packed up and came back just in time to enroll their two daughters, Kristen and Katherine, at Kennebunkport Consolidated School. In the years since, they have built a home, Gary has sat on numerous boards, including the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport School Board, Rivertree Arts Board, and the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Education Foundation, while Trish as been a constant presence at Consolidated School as a parent volunteer and member of the Kennebunkport PTA.

While still in Minnesota, Gary and Trish built highly successful Airfreight forwarding and Expedited Land Transportation businesses, so the notion of starting a new business in Kennebunkport seemed like a natural one. While looking for a space to house the business, it was important to the Kochs to build a bookstore that would reflect the same feeling as the community around it -- warm, relaxed, and welcoming.

After the year-long renovation of the farmhouse and barn, the Kochs were ready to staff the store, and knew that in these economic times, they would receive a lot of employee interest. What they weren't prepared for were the quality and quantity of the applicants, and as a result were able to staff the store with people they consider to be the best in the business.

Tuesday- Saturday, 10 - 5
Sunday 11- 3
Closed Monday