Book Club Information

Are you a member of a local book club? Are you looking to join one in the area?

Here at Kennebooks, we have Book Club registration forms, for group discounts and other perks! We are offering a 20% discount off books for your reading club when you register with us! In order to qualify for registration, your group must consist of at least five members, and meet at least once a month.

Book Club Registration is easy. Give us your club name, list your members' names, and their contact information. This will allow us to notify your group via Email about interesting book club choices, information for the registered clubs, and to contact you when your ordered books have arrived.

If you give us a list of your books, we will order them in advance and have them here when you need them, and give you a discount if you need 5 or more.

Registering your Book Club at Kennebooks also means that you can reserve the presentation room upstairs, which is set up with tables, chairs, and a large flat-screen television for your use.

Please visit or call today to register the members of your club!

Tuesday- Saturday, 10 - 5
Sunday 11- 3
Closed Monday